Very Old Knitting Needles

May 31, 2009 at 5:56 am (old knitting tools)

sz  50Imagine knitting with a size  50 needle- now think of that in wood (solid wood)  Those needles are 9 ounces!! The knitter from the past who used these must have been very strong or very tired!!


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beehive yarn holders

May 26, 2009 at 7:26 am (old knitting tools)

beehive  yarn holders Reusing something from the past  is so very satisfying sometimes –especially when it is so very practical.  Looking high  and low over time I have slowly added to my beehive yarn holder collection  I use them all the time on smaller projects and they protect the yarn from the wild attacks from my bored animals who lack real victims for their hunting need  They work in tantem- my long haired grey cat knocks a yarn ball & project off the table  . I know now to  listen for the growl from my shaggy dogboy – which means he has spread yarn all over the floor  and the cat has now joined him in the attack  My older, calmer cat- by this time has come in the room sniffing  out the hunt    The poor yarn ball is hopelessly tangled and spread 20 feet in all directions

Did I mention linen really tangles in an unfriendly way?  Anyway… I am very grateful for these holders as they contain the smaller projects in a quaint old timey manner

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Lazy purl in seed stitch

May 25, 2009 at 3:35 am (old knitting tools)

By using the combination purl stitch-then seed stitch just FLIES

It is soooo much easier than the purling that I did before  I think it is 

good to know more than one or two types of purl  I am working on the

Norweigen  purl to add to my English and Continental and now 

combination purl stitches

(annie M was right  It is easier-   Thanks ANNIE !  )

 Combination purl :

Norwegian purl:

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