mystery vintage handwork tool

June 28, 2009 at 10:33 pm (1)

123This is from Britain from a group of tools from  the 1800’s

It was sold with  wooden needles, bone crochet hooks & 2 pointy small tools-stilettos 

Have no idea what this could be..  The etchings are darkened with a reddish

color &  2 vaguely resemble hearts or a squid    

It would be the perfect size to hold a variety of different colored threads

but  that is only speculation on this mystery vintage tool- probably made for 

his sweetheart


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What is this “lazy purl” / ” easy purl”?

June 10, 2009 at 8:49 pm (1)

I have never had  strong hands  In fact, I fail (!) the child grip strength tools when my hospital has health fairs..I still hold my pen in a funny way because my fingers grew tired when I was learning how to write

 Purling was such a challenge  I did not do well with it as a child of nine when taught the American Throw method Even with knit stitches, I had to poke the end of the needle each stitch to move it up making a red sore finger after any knitting so I put aside knitting 

Fast forward 40 years and I saw a friend knit continental. I  KNEW  I could do it She taught me and it was true.  I did  learn  TIme  went by and I took another lesson and the teacher said my purls were made crossed and that I did not do the stitch correctly  ( not my friend’s fault  – I just did not understand the lesson) The new teacher in her  30 minute lesson-taught me the RIGHT way (sigh) to do the purl and it was harder 

Too sad ! Then I read about Norwegian purl thinking .”OH, That is the name of the easy way I did it ..”

Nope — nice but not it

 Then I saw Annie M’s site and thought – “There it is (!!!!) and she is famous…  so I am not a DUMBOLINA ..”   ( haha)

I went back to it but this time understanding the part about the leading leg of the stitch   ahhhh  Now I know 3 ways to purl and can use all  It is SUCH a relief!!

If my weak hands can do it- anyone can!

Here is a video that will open doors for the easy/lazy purl whose other name 

is COMBINATION purl ( that is the name of the video)

Annie M unvented it and gave it legitimacy and unraveled how to make it work

and called it the Combination knitting

Thanks to the knitting help site  They are FABULOUS

Look to the right  under  blog roll for  videos &  links for more info..

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