Lucky to have lived many  years in the beautiful gulf coast- grass and trees are green most of the year  and  currently the  night blooming jasmine fills the air and the yards are full of azaleas in huge  outrageous blooms  It is in the 70’s /80’s most of the year  Soon will come the Oleander flowers and then the Crepe Myrtle as each year the flowers and trees bud out in sequence from early Feb through late July and early August    Have  2 long haired cats one shaggy dog and 2 grown girls and a husband who sleeps in our once a year  opera  until it is time to go out for the giant cookies and laughs in embarrassment when I knit at his baseball game  He takes us out in in his  remodeled Thing and lets the front windshield down  Our city backyard has seen hawks and orange eyed turtles has resident possums/rabbits/dove/ mockingbirds and cardinals &  blue jays /  has  seen a baby squirrel in a coma ( yes we took it to wildlife rescue and it did recover ) and  has seen  the escaped yellow and grey cockatiel and the 2 escaped parakeets( one green and one yellow) and the funny sparrow that was brown and  bright  yellow…

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