Very Old Knitting Needles

May 31, 2009 at 5:56 am (old knitting tools)

sz  50Imagine knitting with a size  50 needle- now think of that in wood (solid wood)  Those needles are 9 ounces!! The knitter from the past who used these must have been very strong or very tired!!



  1. Carmen said,

    Glad to see you found my group Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry.
    We have many great fiber artists with blogs that inspire and inform.
    I will visit and comment on your blog often.
    Those knitting needles are amazing.

  2. fierymyst said,

    Holy cow, what would you knit on those?

  3. gulfcoastgal said,

    I wonder, also, what was knitted on these as the needles are worn. I am thinking– maybe for the fishing trade-netting or something for the boat ,to toss out to catch fish (??). They are very very heavy so maybe a sturdy fisherman and his wife worked with these (?)
    I will buy some more jute and cast on and see what knit stitch or purl looks like and then see what a simple lace ” yarn over knit 2 together”
    looks like. It should be HUGE haha

  4. Orghlaith said,

    Size 50 knitting needles are used for broomstick lace.

  5. gulfcoastgal said,

    SOOO glad to know they were made for something beautiful and ethereal
    Thanks for educating our eyes

  6. Faith said,

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